Here Are Some More Pictures For You
From Our Speaking Engagement At
The Eagle Institute Renaissance Experience Seminar
Held At The Resort At Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Day Three - True Renaissance

(Some of the photo's below have been digitally
enhanced because of low-light conditions)

Eagle Institute Founder & Seminar Co-Host
John Gardner Introducing Featured Speaker
Michael Gelb, Author Of
"How To Think Like Leonardo DaVinci"

Michale Gelb Speaking To The Audience About
DaVinci, Curiosita, Dimostrazione, Sensazione,
Sfumato, Arte/Scienza, Corporalita & Connessione
(Curiosity, Demonstration, Sensation/Feeling,
Smoke, Art & Science, Grace & Recognition/Appreciation)

Gelb's Book: "How To Think Like Leonardo DaVinci -
Seven Steps To Genius Every Day" Is A Must Read
Click Here To Check It Out At


Nicholas, Holly & Nancy Getting Ready To Hit Tahoe!

The Beautiful & Luxurious Resort At Squaw Creek
(It was 70 degrees outside, with 4 feet of snow on the ground!)

Another View...

The Saturday Group Lunch At The Cascades Restaurant

Nancy, Holly & Nicholas Finishing A Delicious Lunch

Jay Wood Tells His Table Mates How He's Going
To Get Tony Out To North Carolina To Play Golf!

Hmmm... Seems Like A Possible
Snow Bunny Candidate For Tony!

The Notorious Blake/Schmidt Gang Wondering
How This Pic Is Going To Be Used Against Them!

Two Views Of The Resort... It Was Beautiful There

The Gang Before Heading Out To Do Some Gambling & Shopping
(Holly Was The Big Winner - She Won $20 At The Cal-Neva Resort)

Historic And Antique Central Truckee


The Pictures Above Were Shot With
A Sony Mavica FD91 Digital Camera At 640x480 Fine Mode
And Edited With Sierra's Snapshot

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